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A Trip Around the World

This is your opportunity to defy travel bans and see the world from the comfort of home! Come join us as we take you virtually around the world to some of the most famous museums, wonders of the world, and more. Have Q&A and share experiences with a performer and fellow participants about famous artwork, locations, and sculptures, brought right to your living room. Grab your virtual passport, and we’ll make sure it gets stamped everywhere! Schedule Appointment

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Musical Bingo

Tired of the same old Bingo? Wish it had more of a rhythm to it? Well, play Musical Bingo and see what you might remember! Come join us as we combine two of your favorites, live music, and bingo.  Cross song names off your bingo card as the songs are played live by one of our many star performers. You’ll have the opportunity to share your memories about the songs and learn something new from the performers, along with your fellow participants. Don’t miss out on your chance to reminisce through song while trying to claim your right as the Bingo Champion! See you there! Schedule Appointment...

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Back to Broadway

Come join us for an hour to dive into some of Broadway’s most beloved musicals! We will perform a different musical every session as we engage with you about the history and fun trivia, about some of the show’s greatest hits. Sign up for an hour of interactive and informative entertainment. Schedule Appointment

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Songs of the Decades

We will bring you back to your favorite musical melodies from the 30s, 40s, and beyond. Focusing on a different musical style or genre every session, this hour will be sure to invoke memories and feelings of nostalgia. You will even be able to request songs before or during the sessions so that you can hear your favorite songs! So, come tell us your stories, share your love of music, and kick back for a classy night of classic tunes.  Schedule Appointment

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Beat The Board

Whether or not you are the one that “Beats the Board” in a variety of categories across different eras, you will reminisce with others in this fun, interactive trivia game that stimulates and makes you recall the good old days. With questions ranging from historical events and art to movies and music, Beat the Board will make you will feel like a contestant in a live game show, well…because you are! *Note: Beat-the-Board is only available as a Small Group sessions Schedule Appointment

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Classical Corner

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and more.  During this hour-long session, you and your loved ones can hear any one of the many great pieces played by one of our incredible classically trained musicians.  Our gifted artist will play you through a multitude of these historical works, all the while providing incredible information regarding each composer and more. Schedule Appointment

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